AGN Valorant Rules


All communications will be in Discord
All team captains and players MUST be in this Discord
Admins will be available via Discord for support


Group Stage:
6 Teams per group
Each team will play 5 total games
Games are Best of 3


Top 4 in each group make Bracket Play

Bracket Play - SGL Elim, Best of 3

Grand Finals - Best of 5

Map Selection (Best of 1):

Team A is the team on top when looking at the match, Team B is the other team
Team A - Ban
Team B - Ban
Team A - Ban
Team B - Ban
Team A - Ban

Teams play the remaining map
Team B hosts the map
Team B will chose Attackers or Defenders

Map Selection (Best of 3):

Team A is the team on top of Toornament Bracket, Team B is the other team

Team A - Ban
Team B - Ban
Team A picks map 1 / Team B picks the side - Team B will host the map
Team B picks map 2 / Team A picks the side - Team A will host the map
Team A picks map 3 / Team B picks the side - Team A will host the map


Teams are able to reschedule matches for any time WITHIN the week
If matches are scheduled to be on stream, you MUST request a reschedule 24 hours in advance. Matches that are rescheduled are NOT guaranteed to be played on stream.


Teams will NOT be given a refund at any point during the league.
IF your team drops out, the spot will be offered to other teams will to buy it


Custom Game:

Mode: Standard
Cheats: OFF
Tournament Mode: ON
Server: Games should be hosted on a central server if teams are on opposite coasts


A team will forfeit if they
a) don't respond to other teams messages
b) don't show up to the match 15 minutes after it was scheduled
Teams must give a 5 minute warning before reporting a no-show


Teams may change their roster at any time in the regular season
Only 2 players may be swapped out of the original roster


The winning team is required to take screenshots of scoreboards and post in #score-submissions
ANY and ALL match screenshots should be saved for the entirety of the league


Timeouts will ONLY be used for disconnects
If someone DC's you will use the timeout during the "Buy Round" at the start of the next round
Teams have 10 minutes from the time of the pause to resume playing
Failure to resume will result in a map loss


Teams are encouraged to stream their matches
IF streamed, teams MUST have a delay of at least 1 minute and 30 seconds


In order of a dispute, teams MUST contact an admin as soon as possible
Teams challenging a map, must have full and valid proof to support their claim
Claims for a dispute MUST be made within 1 hour of the completion of the map


This league is not affiliated or sponsored by Riot Games Inc. or Valorant Esports